Haajiyo Aawo Shahenshah Ka Rawza Dekho

Lyrics to ‘Haajiyo Aawo Shahenshah Ka Rawza Dekho’:

Haajiyo aawo Shahenshah ka Rawza dekho,
Kaaba to dekh chuke Kaabe ka Kaaba dekho
Oh pilgrims! Come and see the Holy Grave of the King,
You have seen the Kabah, now see the Kabah of the Kabah!

Rukhne Shaami se miti wah’shate shaame gurbat,
Ab Madine ko chalo subhe dil aaraa dekho
Rukhne Shaami has eliminated your loneliness in the evening,
Come now to Madinah and see the freshness of the morning.

Aabe ZamZam to piyaa khoob bujhaayi pyaase,
Aawo joode Shahe Kawsar ka bi darya dekho
You drank ZamZam water and fully quenched your hearts thirst,
Come and see the generosity of the Prophet’s river of mercy.

Zayre Mizaab mile khoob karamke cheente,
Abre Rahmat ka yaha zor barasnaa dekho
You have enjoyed drops from the Mizaab happily,
See now the daily showers of rain from the Clouds of Mercy.

Khoob aankho se lagaaya he Ghilaafe Kabah,
Kasre Mehboob ke parde ka bhi jalwah dekho
You have kissed the Covers of the Kabah reverently with your eyes;
See here the curtains of the Beloved’s palace waving gently.

Zeenate Kabah me tha laakh arooso ka banaw,
Jalwa farma yaha kawnain ka dulha dekho
There was the beauty of a million brides in the Kabah,
See here the beautiful throne of the bridegroom in Madinah.

Dho chuka zulmate dil bosaa e sunge Aswad,
Khaak bosi-e-Madinah ka bhi rutbaa dekho
The kissing of the Black Stone has washed away the sins of your hearts,
See now what high reward awaits in Madinah.

Jummah e Makkah tha Eid, ahle ibaadat keliye,
Mujrimo! Aawo yaha Eide do shamba dekho
Friday Prayers at Makkah gives ecstasy to the worshippers,
O sinners! See and experience the climax of compassion here on Mondays.

Raqse bismilki bahaare to Mina me dekhi,
Dil khonaa be fishaa ka bhi tarapna dekho
You have seen in Mina the dance of loyal hearts,
See here the fluttering of the Lovers’ wounded and bleeding hearts.

Gowr se sun to Raza Ka’bah se aati he sadaa,
Meri aankho se mere Pyaare ka Rawza dekho
O Raza! Listen carefully for a moment to what the Ka’bah gently cries,
“See the Holy Grave of my Beloved Prophet with my eyes!”

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